2016 Duck Opener


The sunrise at Kerry Club blind 4 was spectacular as you can see. Take note that there are no ducks in the sky and that was pretty much the way it was.

Although there were some limits, my partner and I were not that successful. When we pulled the plug, around 10:45, we had three teal. After Lola found the one I’d sailed into a nearby tule patch, we had four.

We took the booby prize for low total, but we weren’t discouraged. There is plenty more hunting to be done. Good guys, Bob Birtel and John Staats, provided bloody Marys and great grilled sausage.

It was nice to see the crew again. I’m sure we’ll make up the deficit later on in the season.

2 thoughts on “2016 Duck Opener

  1. We did surprisingly well at the Hollister Club in Gustine! There were no birds in sight the week before; so my husband was a bit discouraged. (his first time back at hunting after his heart attack in May) BUT opening day, he limited in mallards and shot a mixed bag this morning!! Of course, socializing with fellow hunters is something we all enjoy; and there was plenty of that! things should pick up as the weather is changing! Good luck on Wed. !

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