Teal Return to the Grasslands

Where did they go? That was a common question until the last ten days or so.

But now they’re back and the Kerry Duck Club proved it yesterday. Most of the hunters had limits and mostly they consisted of teal.

My hunting partner, Tom Billingsley, and I had a late draw yesterday and I had a late night the day before, so we agreed to sleep in a bit and arrive at the club about 8 AM.

It was a good decision as some of the guys started rolling back in with limits of teal shortly after our arrival. For the hell of it we decided to try a remote blind without much history of success for our start, but after a half hour it was clear that it was not going to work.

The birds stayed just out of range, and when they came close at all a guy on the club next door not only shot three shots at eveything near him, he must have been shooting a 3 1/2 in twelve gauge. It was definitely impacting our hunting experience.

Despite the long walk, we headed back to headquarters and picked out a more likely blind. By the time we got to our second blind of the day, most of the hunters had headed in with limits.

Teal were abundant and we were in a good flyway. The first bird of the day sailed about 300 yards and Lola and I made the long retrieve. The bird was dead and she wanted nothing to do with it so I carried it back to the blind.

From that point on the hunting continued to pick up and Lola caught fire. We took turns for a while and then finished it off by knocking down three out of a four bird group. The hunting was what we have been waiting for. Finally teal for breakfast in the morning.


Photo taken by Joe DiDonato on a December 2016 hunt at the Kerry Club.

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