Largest Boar Ever Killed in the Livermore Hills?


This boar was killed by my guest, Robert Nelson, in the spring of 2000.

A friend from Alaska came to promote his business at a Sportsman’s Show in Pleasanton. I had been his client on a caribou hunt, in about 1997.

He stayed in town for an extra day and I took him to the hills for a pig hunt. He had never seen a wild pig. About 8 AM, as we sat on top of a ridge overlooking a likely pig hangout, a very large boar appeared about a mile away and he was heading in our direction.

We ran off the ridge and intercepted the boar, which was quite large. He killed the boar, near Williams Gulch, with my Ruger 7mm Mauser (7×57).

To this day it is the largest boar I have ever seen in person – dead or alive.

One thought on “Largest Boar Ever Killed in the Livermore Hills?

  1. Wow, nice boar! Robert was my guide on an Alaskan bear hunt back in 2004 and I remember him telling me about this boar and I believe he had the skull done in a European mount. Anyhow, great guy and he was an awesome guide. I really enjoyed hunting with him. Great memories.

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