Help Stop the Decline of Waterfowl

Jeff and Pluto

Jeff Kerry with Pluto at the Kerry Duck Club.

Jeff Kerry is one of the most ardent waterfowl supporters in California. Recently he contacted me and asked me to support a cause to stop the decline of waterfowl habitat, waterfowl numbers and waterfowl hunting.

Nobody has more credibility to discuss this topic than Jeff. I’m supporting his effort and the first thing I need to do is post his letter here and tell you how to sign a petition that will be used to demonstrate support for this effort.

Here is his letter. Double click and it will appear in PDF format.

Help Stop the Decline by Jeff Kerry

If Jeff sounds excited, it’s because he is. He’s been managing wetlands nearly all his life and he knows what he’s talking about.

That’s why I ask that you sign this petition and offer financial support if you can. We need to make some changes in California before it’s too late. Click on the link below.

Thanks. Much more on this topic as the issue progresses.

Sunrise at Blind D cropped




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