Round Valley

Today I saw Round Valley for the first time. It is a valley inside a round bowl. Here are some pics.

This is a photo of a cottonwood, beehives and Round Valley Peak, which stands west of Round Valley.

Looking at the eastern rim of Round Valley.

This is a panorama with Round Vally Peak to the left ( west) and a rothe next mountain range to the east.

Found deer this morning. They were mostly near the small town named Rovana, which is on Pine Creek Road just south of Round Valley.

Along with about 30 does, there was one buck. I’ll post a photo of him later. Just a forked horn, but he was with the does. The rut is starting.

The weather is beautiful, for rock climbing, not for deer hunting.

I’m probably moving north tomorrow, towards Mammoth Lakes. The deer, especially the bucks, are still high. Probably Seven to eight thousand feet. The valley floor is about five thousand feet in elevation.

May have to put my ankle to the test and climb. We’ll see.

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