Glassing for Deer, Round Valley

Sat in my chair and glassed the sage brush, rabbit bush, bitter brush, black brush and white-thorn ceanothis for deer.

Saw somewhere between 30 and 50 deer this morning and 23 in the evening. Hard to know which are repeats. Mountain lions in the area. Probably should have seen more.

Actually had six or seven does run past me in two separate groups an hour apart (at full speed.) Mule deer are terrified by lions. Sometimes they will not only run a half mile at full speed, but they’ll also bleat frantically as they run in fear for their life.

I have personally observed this on a hunt at Anderson Flat about twenty years ago. The deer was screaming as it ran towards me and I saw it cross the ridge top while sitting in my tree stand.

Seconds later the lion came into view for a brief period of time. This took place just before sunset.

The next day I came back and could find no evidence that the lion had brought down the deer.

As for the current hunt, I saw only two bucks today. This evening a 3×3 was following a doe. That’s a good sign.

Looking for a big one. Four days left here. Hard hunting.

Posting from my cell phone.

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