Blacktail Bucks

Here are a few I found in the archives. You can see that the predominant antler characteristic is forked horn. A four-point buck is unusual.

These are all California black-tailed deer.

Top left: Cache Creek (My brother, Rob, took this one.). Top Center: Golden Gate Park. Top right: Pebble Beach.

Second row left: Sand trap at Pebble Beach.

Second row up from the bottom on the left is another Golden Gate Park buck.

I believe all the rest were photographed on or near our ranch in Alameda County.

Palmated Mule Deer Buck

This palmated buck hid in a creek bottom, but a doe distracted him for a photo. The sun made photographing difficult, but the palmation is clear.

In my recent travels, I spotted this palmated¬†buck following a doe¬†in a creek bottom. Although it was mid day, a couple of my photos showed the palmation, a very rare occurence in mule deer – first one I’ve ever spotted.

Here he is from the opposite side. I tried, but failed in attempts to get a better photo of him.