Wild Boar to Pork Sausage

This is what the boar looked like on the ground. The first step in processing had begun.

IMG_7291 boar

Here he is after the first cut.

After the first cut came removal of other prime meats from the pig. After cleaning, transportation, storing in my fridge for a week and trimming, I was ready to mix with some no-so-lean store-bought pork to get ready for grinding. I think the percentage fatĀ  was between 10 to 15% fat.

But before grinding, I had to look through my storage closet to see what I had in the way of seasoning choices. I don’t mix my own seasonings, I just go to Bass Pro and purchase High Mountain Seasonings. I had plenty on hand. I picked an Italian breakfast sausage and a Polish. Ended up making half each. Mostly followed the directions.

In the end I had about 50 individual sausages each of the two types of sausage and wrapped them in packages of four. That made 12 packages of each flavor. The Italian came out spicy and a bit salty. The Polish came out just right. It will all get eaten.

Next time I’ll probably pass up the shot and go to Costco. If I shoot a deer, I’ll probably have Lockeford Meat and Sausage Services process the meat. They do a great job on bratwurst. I’d ask them to add a little extra pork fat.

On the other hand, it’s nice to process your own meat once in a while. Gives you an appreciation for food and connects the hunt to the table.