The Airstream

Everybody should have a Boston Whaler of some kind and also an Airstream trailer.

They are a part of Americana.

I didn’t do it on purpose, but it happened. In 1973 I purchased a used 14 ft Boston Whaler. In 1987, I purchased a 1958 Airstream trailer.

If my internet search is accurate, the model name is the Pacer and it’s 18 feet long.

Both of these vehicles seemed to be indestructible.

These items are two of the coolest things I’ve ever owned, but I never fully appreciated my love for the Airstream until today when my friend Tom Billingsley put new tires on the trailer, greased the hubs and pulled it out of the muck of our Mayberry duck club.

It had been sitting in one spot since 1992.

I purchased the Airstream from a neighbor in about 1986 and I’ve been paying the annual rent to the state of California ever since. I can’t tell you how many times I cussed when the DMV registration letter arrived.

The earliest registration I can find is for 1987 and the fee is $174 so that must have been based upon my purchase price. If I remember correctly, I purchased the Airstream and an International Harvester Travel-all for $4,000.

In 1988 the registration fee was $27. In 2016 it was $79. I paid the 2017 fee on July 31. It was $89. Most property deprecates with time, this trailer only goes up.

However, it’s only a shell of its former self.

Here are a few pictures I took a couple of weeks ago.


That’s the bad news. The good news is that today the Airstream has been freed from bondage. It has new tires, greased axles and a new location on flat ground. Tom had to do some fancy maneuvering to get it out of it fix. But now it’s ready for a facelift and transfer to its new home – once I figure out where that is.

I’ll make a progress report before duck season.