Ducks of Autumn

Checked the water at Mayberry Farms today. Opened the gate valve on one syphon and had to set up the vacuum pump and reprime the other pipe, but the real news was that the weather finally turned to autumn and not only that, but the ducks were flying.

With the wind gusting to over 20 mph and the temperature in the 50’s, it seemed like duck season. For the first time since we started flooding up, mallards were working our ponds, and not just a couple of ducks. They were on all the ponds – flirting here and there and finally landing.

I took Lola for a walk and she chased up a couple roosters that would have been in range… my blood pumping.

This is good news. The last couple trips over to check on the water had been a little disappointing as the ducks didn’t seem to be responding. It’s not unusual for the ducks to disappear right before the season opener as duck clubs flood up and opportunities to loaf increase.

After today I’d have to say that propects for next weekend are looking good.