Pair of Golden Eagles in Flight

It has been an unusual summer. Golden eagles have had a good season. Looks to me like the breeding has been very successful.

Today, on my way to the ranch to do some mundane clean-up, I looked up to see four golden eagles circling above. I took a bunch of photos, but only one stands out. Looks to me like the two eagles in the photo are immature, but I’m not certain about both. At the time of taking, I was thinking they were both immature, but the photo is not conclusive.

DSC_0184[1] pair of golden eagles

I waited for quite a while for the two eagles to enter the frame at the same time. The trick was to anticipate the shot enough to get them in the photo. Almost like leading a pintail duck.


Photos of the Week

Here are a few of the best photos of the past week.

Ran into some great wildflowers at the ranch and photographed a horned lark surrounded by wildflowers. The light could have been better, but here is what I got.horned lark singing and wildflowers DSC_0181 cropped

lark bee and wildflowers DSC_0199 cropped

In the second photo a bee jumped in.

Spotted an eagle and red-tailed hawk soaring together. The red-tail was harassing the eagle.

eagle and redtail DSC_0168eagle and redtail DSC_0169 cropped

Here’s a blowup which demonstrates how much larger an eagle is than a red-tail.

Got a couple good turkey photos today. Here’s one of them.