First Muzzleloader Buck

My first buck came by bow and arrow in 1971. My first rifle-killed buck came in about 1997 or so. Last weekend I bagged my first muzzleloader buck.

I decided early on that in order to improve my competency with the muzzleloader, I needed to go all the way and kill a buck. With two A-zone tags available for me this year, I figured the first buck would be just that, the first legal buck that came within muzzleloader range.

Saturday morning was a bust, but Saturday afternoon I took stand at a pond where I’d seen a couple small bucks. In full camo with face mask, I sat against a good-sized boulder and waited. After about two hours, a couple young bucks laid down in the shade about 13o yards up-hill from the pond.

I waited them out. At 5 PM, the forked-horn buck stood, fed for a couple minutes and then trotted towards the pond. I raised the muzzleloader and steadied it on my monopod.

He came straight to the pond, turned broadside at 25 yards and walked into the six-inch deep pond. It was an easy shot and the muzzleloader did not let me down. Now I have some very tender venison in my frig. I’m proud of this buck, but he was just a baby.

This will be the smallest buck I kill for a while, but I'm pleased to have completed the first muzzleloader test. Next comes the search for a big one.

Livermore-Pleasanton Dinner to Auction Golden Ram Deer Hunt

The Golden Ram Sportsman’s club has generously donated a four-day blacktail deer hunt for auction at the Livermore-Pleasanton  MDF Chapter banquet, March 10, 2011.

The hunt is for two people and the hunt will take place on the Golden Ram Sportsmen Club’s Bar Z Ranch property near Covelo, which is leased by Golden Ram Sportsmen.

This hunt is an unguided, weekday only hunt. Designated camping area is included. Hunter must provide own tent or trailer. Call Golden Ram Sportsmen’s Club to make reservations in advance.

This hunt as been generously donated by Golden Ram Sportsmen. For more information about the Golden Ram Sportsman’s Club go to

For tickets contact Bob Holm, (925)447-2044.