The Search Continues – Vacation Home part 2

If you followed my first couple vacation home posts, you may have got the idea that I was cooling off on the first choice. On the last week of June, I bailed out of the first Lake Almanor home. Too many issues for me. Dry rot, water leaks, bats, ants, wood pecker holes, septic problems….you name it.

Amazingly, a second home came on the market at the right time. I immediately contacted my agent and viewed the home. Although Linda had not seen the home, we agreed to make an offer. We are now two weeks into the purchase and things are looking pretty good.

It’s in much better shape than the first home, has a much better exposure and a much water beach/water access.

Yes it also cost more, but we’re moving forward. I’m glad we decided to reverse course on the first home and I’m hoping that this next contract will work out. Sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed.

Addition by subtraction.