Fish-out 2018

This was the weekend of the annual fish-out, an event created and fostered by my brother, Rob. Despite significant rain, the event went off without a hitch and we had a great time.

The libations were liberal and masculinity was evident.

IMG_2931 Fryd's striper 2018

Nice striper.

When I departed yesterday, the largest fish honor was held by John Frydendahl – a striped bass of about 15 pounds.

John also told us that he’d been “spooled” by another fish before the rest of us arrived. We could only wonder about the size of that one.

The white-front geese appeared to be staging for a flight north. They will leave any time now.

Pheasants and mallards were displaying and chasing each other around. Managed to photograph one rooster in full bloom.

DSC_0327[1] rooster





Clear Lake has Great Bass Fishing

Once again Clear Lake came through with it’s great bass fishing. We float tubed on Monday afternoon and caught a fish each all in the three to four pound range, a bit disappointing. However on Tuesday we fished with guide, Ross England (Clear Lake Guide Service), and he put us on a bunch of two to five pound fish.

While I drop shotted, Rob and Bill fished with Senkos fished “whacky” style and before the trip was over we landed about a dozen fish apiece, all landed along docks and tules on the northeast shore which was somewhat protected from the strong westerly winds. Ross proved to be a great host.

Rob Fletcher and Bill Patterson compare a couple of “whacky” style senko bass.