Decoy Day 2017

Time to put out decoys and prep the blinds at the Kerry Duck Club. Here’s the way the club looks today.

2017 September Panorama

The short brown grass is swamp Thimothy and there is a lot of it. Ducks love it, especially teal and pintail.

Six to eighteen inches of water will completely cover the Kerry club in a couple weeks. That’s an ideal depth for dabblers. As the season progresses and the water gets deeper, diving ducks will move in as well.

Kerry duck hunt 060

It all starts on October 21, 2017.

The Goats of Mayberry


The goats are in and they’re doing their job. As many at 1,700 goats have been grazing on our duck club and they are removing much of the vegitation choking our duck ponds.


This is Walter the Peruvian goat herder. Talks about as much English as I do Spanish.


Walter says the great Pyrenees guard dogs make short work or coyotes if they bother the goats.



Here they are in action thinning down our thick stands of cattails and alkili bull rush.


Here’s one of our ponds as it is rising. Water shows much better after grazing – should attract ducks.


Not many ducks around yesterday, but a few sat on the edge of the flooded pasture to the north of us.