Cargo Trailer in Action

Put the cargo trailer into use last week. It worked better than expected.

IMG_3558 CT at home

Ready to roll. Kawaski “Mule” inside along with camping gear.

The cargo trailer ways about 6,000 pounds loaded. (Trailer 2,500)

The eco boost engine and tow package on my F150 towed it well. I didn’t drive fast, 55-60 mph, and had no issues. They load transfer bars eliminated any bouncing around. It was worthwhile purchasing and installing them – and not hard to do.

IMG_3562 getting the mule out

The mule was a little tight, but loaded and unloaded without any big issues. Strapped it down to the floor and e-track. The e-track was quite handy.

IMG_3564the mule is out

The mule seats six.

IMG_3566 ready for camping

When the trailer is empty, it works well as a place to sleep and get out of the rain. The solar panel provided enough electricity and the fan kept me cool on a couple of hot nights.

The solar panel, lighting, fan and e-track all worked well. It is a very versatile piece of equipment. I may add an additional 12V battery and purchase a small generator for backup electricity. Other than that, it’s perfect.

I am very satisfied with this trailer and I expect to use it quite a bit this duck season.