Modoc Deer

Spent nine days in Devil’s Garden. It was a great time. Morning temps ranged from 8 degrees up to 11. The Cargo Trailer worked well, but I would like to have had a heater.

The propane lantern and one-burner stove took the edge off, but that was about it. Went to town on day three and purchased a big sleeping bag that saved my life. I was freezing at night in my light down bags.

IMG_6378 cargo trailer

The cargo trailer was roomy for one person. Had a table set up at the front and rear with my cot in the middle. The solar panel supplied plenty of power to keep the battery working the lights and fan. The Rhino ATV fit nicely inside and towing was no issue for my 2013 F-150 with Eco-boost engine.

There were plenty of deer, but I didn’t find a shooter buck. Here are my best deer photos.

The horses were there as well.

DSC_0690 horses

On the final day of the hunt, I wanted to sit by a tank and wait for deer. This is what showed up.

Between the skittish horses and swirling wind, it became  clear that it was a bad day to hunt the water hole, so I passed. It was time to head home anyway.

Next up, Doyle.

Preparing for Muzzleloader Hunting

The Remington 700 muzzleloader is functioning well, but I’m not very proficient at loading it yet.

The percussion caps are so small that I fumble around with them. I can’t yet imagine what it would be like trying to reload with a desirable buck standing at 50 yards. I think the key will be to hit him on the first shot.

I’ve shot with pellets and power, but the power produces a quicker ignition, almost like a cartridge rifle, while the pellets have a delayed response.

Right now I’m shooting three-inch groups from a platform (my tri-pod) at 75 yards. I’m progressing, but this exercise requires significant effort.

I’ve got a long way to go. I’ll hunt with the muzzleloader during the A-Zone season as well. Haven’t had time to do any archery hunting yet.