Born On A Friday

Dad was born on a Friday in a Colusa hospital and was raised an only child.

His was a very close-knit family with relatives scattered throughout gold country.

Lived in Livermore at a time when he helped Holdener’s Dairy deliver milk to people’s door steps.

Was lucky enough to board his horse off College Avenue and ride with his buddy Dick to the Famaris Ranch near Coral Hollow.

He was a gifted athlete in high school and was recruited to play football and baseball by several California colleges.

Graduated with the Livermore High School class of 1940.

Entered the Marine Corps in 1942 and qualified to land a Corsair on a carrier.

Celebrated VJ Day with his buddies including Ted Williams as they awaited transport to the South Pacific.

Married Betty Sills in June of 1947.

Had sons born in 1949 and 1951.

Was activated back to duty in Korea after being re-trained to fly helicopters, later carrying out nighttime  medi-vac operations.

Returned home and continued to raise his family while starting two separate and successful businesses.

In his senior years he and mom traveled the world and enjoyed contentment.

He now lives at Heritage Estates in Livermore where he goes about his daily life as a unintentional mentor for many.

He’s too modest to boast of any of his achievements.

Tell Nelson Fletcher that Friday the thirteenth is unlucky.

Happy 95th birthday Dad.