Ranch Ponds in March


Traveled to the ranch last weekend to take a break and look over the ponds we worked on last fall. https://hunterlandowner.wordpress.com/2009/10/06/pond-repair-at-the-ranch/

The pond repairs will produce water for cattle and wildlife. Stock ponds are also breeding habitat for endangered amphibians, the California red-legged frog and California tiger salamander. The winter rains were well spaced and appropriately timed for good results. We were quite lucky to have optimal conditions, conditions that allowed the bare ground to sprout the seeds we sowed. Here are a few photos showing that the ponds did well. 

This pond was deeply incised in the spillway area. We built up the dam and finished off the spillway with many loads of rock and other material.

The dam wall showed almost no erosion. Jute matting, straw and native seeds were spread over the bare dirt after we finished rebuilding the dam.

The gradual spillway was loaded with rock, bricks, boards and pipes driven into the ground for support.

Spring flowers were popping. Along with shooting stars, johnny jump ups and buttercups were showing.

California newts were the most visible amphibians.

It was a great spring day until about 4:00 PM when clouds appeared to the West and I decided to make my way home before the roads could get slippery.