MDF Supports SB 1058

May 27, 2010
The Honorable Jared Huffman, Chair                                                                    

Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee

1020 N Street, Room 160

Sacramento, CA 95814

RE:     SB 1058 (Harman) – SUPPORT

 Dear Assembly Member Huffman:

 On behalf of The Mule Deer Foundation (MDF), I am writing you to urge your support of SB 1058 (Harman), which would provide greater accountability and transparency over the use of hunting license tag and stamp revenues. MDF is a 501c3 tax exempt organization whose mission is to conserve mule and blacktail deer and their habitats.

 SB 1058 would require that hunting license tag and stamp monies, whether for deer, wild pigs, wild sheep, bear, elk, antelope or game birds, be used for certain game species conservation and related purposes.  In addition, the bill would require that conservation groups, like MDF, have an opportunity to review and provide comment on proposed projects funded with the monies—creating much-needed transparency and allowing for projects to be better tailored to fit the conservation needs of particular game species.

 It should also be noted that the bill consolidates the existing fiscal accounts for big game species into one single account which improves efficiencies in the use of the monies. SB 1058 would also facilitate greater assistance with habitat projects by nonprofits who specialize in game species conservation.

 SB 1058 ensures that hunting license tag and stamp monies are used for their intended game species conservation purposes.  Please support this bill when it is considered before your committee.


 Rich Fletcher

State Chair, The Mule Deer Foundation