One Surprise, Otherwise an Uneventful Day in the Tree Stand

Per my plan, yesterday was a hunt day. Arriving in my stand about 10:00 AM, I sat until 1:45 PM and then got down to take a look at a pond improvement project with Rob. I have to admit the work site¬†looked pretty rough. Lots of grass covering rock hard dirt that we’ll have to excavate by hand to make sure we don’t hurt any critters. A bull dozer could do finish the work in an hour, but it will take us several days, with Rob doing the bulk of the work.

The view from my tree stand.

Back to the tree about 3:30 and five yearling deer including one legal buck were bedded about 100 yards from my stand as I climbed up. The five deer walked right past my stand before laying down.

Stayed in the stand until 6:30 PM when the wind shifted to down hill making it very unlikely that anything good might happen. The high point of the hunt was when this hen turkey arrived with at least eight polts. Like the quail, the turkey must have been late nesting as the polts are quite small.

We don't normally find turkeys in the canyon, so maybe this brood will be the start of something good.

Tomorrow will be my last archery deer hunt for this year. I’m hunting during the day as that’s the only time when the wind is good for this site. I’m also scouting around looking for a site that will work during the morning and evening breezes, but they are hard to find. Maybe by next season.